Lahore Sky

Lahore Sky

Lahore Sky,” an innovative project by Oz Developers, is reshaping Lahore’s cityscape. Recognized by the LDA, this project features six modern towers transforming residential and commercial areas. Located near Lahore-Kasur Road, it highlights Lahore’s progress towards modernization and eco-friendliness. The development includes a bustling IT park, lush recreational areas, and Pakistan’s first direct factory outlet mall, merging work and play. It also offers luxurious living spaces with top-notch amenities like a gym and swimming pool, redefining urban lifestyle. “Lahore Sky” represents more than a development; it’s a beacon of Lahore’s evolving future, blending heritage with forward-thinking design.

Top High Rise Buildings in Lahore

Tallest Building in Lahore

At Lahore Sky, every detail is perfectly crafted, reflecting OZ Developers’ commitment to excellence. As the tallest building in Lahore, it stands as a beacon of modernity and progress, changing the city’s skyline forever. The tower is a marvel of engineering and design, offering breathtaking views of the vibrant city below.Our state-of-the-art facilities and world-class amenities ensure that Lahore Sky is more than just a residence or office space; it is a lifestyle. With its elegant design, advanced technology, and a focus on sustainable living, OZ Developers have created a landmark that is a testament to their expertise and a contribution to the city’s future.

It park

Food Court


services Apartment

Pent houses

For Families and Overseas Pakistanis

At Lahore Sky, we offer a range of residential choices, from cozy studio apartments to opulent penthouses. Each unit is crafted to ensure safety, luxury, and comfort, meeting international standards. Our residents enjoy exclusive access to facilities like a live food court, swimming pool, gym, spa, and sauna bath, ensuring a lifestyle unmatched in Lahore.

Commercial Shops

  • Total Shops 69
  • Minimum Shop Sq Ft 219
  • Minimum Down Payment 2409000
  • Monthly Instalment 90338
  • Total Price 12045000
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      • Total Shops 81
      • Minimum shop sqft 292
      • minimum down payment 2336000
      • Monthly installment 87600
      • Total PRICE 11680000
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          • Total Shops 113
          • MINIMUM SHOP SQFT 195
          • minimum down payment 1393000
          • monthly installment 52238
          • total PRICE 6965000
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              • Total Shops 117
              • MINIMUM SHOP SQFT 195
              • minimum down payment 1194000
              • Monthly installment 44775
              • Total PRICE 5970000
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                  • Total Shops 56
                  • MINIMUM SHOP SQFT 140
                  • minimum down payment 980000
                  • Monthly installment 36750
                  • Total PRICE 4900000
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                      our Unique feauters

                      Life Style

                      High Security

                      Parking Space

                      Shopping Mall

                      Lahore SKy Neighborhoods

                      Lahore sky  Opposite Grand Avenue.

                      Central Park Socitey in right side towards Kasur.

                      Biggest Shopping Mall in Lahore.

                      To Onwards Ring Road


                      Grand Avenue

                      Central Park & Plam City

                      Lahore Sky

                      Ring Road

                      Why Lahore Sky ?

                      Embracing Modern Lahore

                      Lahore, a city steeped in cultural history, is moving rapidly towards technological innovation. With each passing day, Lahore integrates cutting-edge technology, reshaping its urban landscape. This progressive transformation is embodied by "Lahore Sky," a visionary project by Oz Developers. Following their triumphant Bahria Sky venture, Lahore Sky represents a new era of advanced living in Lahore.

                      Architectural Marvel in Lahore's Heart

                      Approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Lahore Sky features six architecturally rapid towers. This project sets a global standard in infrastructure, marking Lahore Sky as a distinguished residential and commercial landmark. It's not just a development; it's a significant enhancement to the community lifestyle and Lahore's skyline.

                      Business Meets Leisure in Lahore

                      The essence of Lahore Sky lies in its unique combination of business opportunities and leisure amenities. It hosts Lahore's fastest-growing IT park, attracting digital professionals and tech companies. This blend fosters a vibrant atmosphere where professional success meets personal leisure and relaxation.

                      Green Spaces for Healthy Living

                      Understanding the importance of health and wellness, Lahore Sky boasts playgrounds, jogging tracks, and fitness-focused areas. These spaces offer residents a luxurious and tranquil living experience and are surrounded by lush greenery, highlighting the project's commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

                      Sustainable Future in Lahore

                      Lahore Sky champions the cause of sustainability and environmental harmony. Emphasizing energy efficiency, the project is committed to preserving natural resources, ensuring a balance between innovative development and ecological care.

                      Sophisticated Commercial Spaces

                      The commercial aspect of Lahore Sky features exquisitely constructed buildings with modern amenities. The project includes spacious parking facilities and proudly houses Pakistan's first direct factory outlet mall in Lahore, enhancing the city's retail landscape.

                      Elegance and Efficiency Combined

                      Every detail in Lahore Sky is meticulously crafted, from the stunning waterfall feature to the efficiently designed lift lobbies. These elements enhance the aesthetic and ensure seamless functionality and accessibility.

                      Luxurious Residential Options

                      Lahore Sky offers an array of residential choices, ranging from cozy apartments to opulent penthouses, all equipped with modern amenities like healthcare facilities, a gym, a swimming pool, a spa, and a sauna, redefining luxury living in Lahore.

                      Prime Location for Connectivity

                      Strategically situated on the Lahore-Kasur Road, near key transit points like the Lahore Ring Road and the metro station, Lahore Sky promises unparalleled connectivity. Its proximity to major highways and urban centers like DHA Lahore and the Allama Iqbal International Airport further enhances its appeal.

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