Lahore Sky Offices

Welcome to Lahore Sky’s dedicated Offices page, a visionary development by OZ Developers designed to be Lahore’s epicenter of business and technological innovation. This page provides a comprehensive overview of why Lahore Sky Offices are a lucrative opportunity for businesses, IT companies, and investors.

Embracing the Future with Innovative Offices

The Visionary Leadership of Hamza Majeed

Under the guidance of Hamza Majeed, OZ Developers have established a legacy of developing landmarks that blend luxury with practicality. Following the success of Bahria Sky in Bahria Orchard, Lahore Sky is their latest venture, promising to be a game-changer in Lahore’s commercial landscape. Explore Bahria Sky.


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    A Prime Location for Business Success

    Strategically situated in the central part of Lahore, near significant landmarks like DHA and Gajumata Metro Station, Lahore Sky offers unparalleled connectivity and accessibility, making it an ideal location for businesses and corporate offices.

    Lahore Sky offices

    Lahore Sky Offices Block: Designed for Modern Businesses

    A Hub of Commercial Excellence

    Lahore Sky’s Offices Block is part of a comprehensive commercial block, which includes Lahore’s first building, a direct factory outlet mall. The development spans 73 Kanals, with dedicated office areas, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic business environment.

    The Largest IT Park in Lahore

    In collaboration with the Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA) by the Pakistani government, Lahore Sky is set to host Lahore’s largest IT park, larger than Arfa Kareem IT Tower. This 46-kanal IT park offers a range of benefits for investors and IT businesses, including income tax relief and customs duty exemptions. Learn More about STZA.

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      Tailored for Technology and Innovation

      Dedicated Floors for Technology and IT

      Lahore Sky dedicates 2,500,000 sq ft to commercial offices focusing on IT and technology. This space is designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth, providing an ideal environment for IT companies and tech startups.

      Incentives Under STZA

      As part of the STZA scheme, businesses at Lahore Sky will enjoy significant financial incentives, including income tax relief for ten years, making it a highly attractive proposition for technology-focused companies. Discover STZA Incentives.

      Lahore Sky offices

      Why Choose Lahore Sky Offices?

      • Strategic Location: Central Lahore, easily accessible from key city points.
      • Innovative Design: Modern architecture and facilities crafted by international experts.
      • STZA Benefits: Substantial incentives for IT and tech businesses.
      • Comprehensive Amenities: Including a gym, sauna, spa, swimming pool, and more.
      • A Trusted Developer: OZ Developers’ proven track record in high-quality commercial projects.

      Join the Community of Innovators

      Invest in an Office at Lahore Sky and join a community that values technology, innovation, and strategic growth. With construction progressing rapidly (visible through our 24-hour live camera), secure your spot in one of Lahore’s most promising commercial hubs.